Conservationists/Cetacean Experts

Here is a list of Conservationists (in no particular order) working to revive Gangetic Dolphin populations or knowledgeable about them. We are constantly updating this list,so there are any we’ve not included, please leave a comment here or write to

Conservationists/Cetacean Experts

1. ABDUL WAKID is a member of the IUCN Cetacean Specialist Group (CSG) and works in the Brahmaputra. He has spearheaded efforts to make policy makers aware of the potential impacts of dam construction and seismic testing for oil and natural gas on Gangetic dolphons in the Brahmaputra.

2. SUNIL CHOUDHARY has spearheaded research and conservation work in the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary and more recently in the Gandak River.

3. RAVINDRA SINHA is based in Patna and and chairs the Government of India’s working group to prepare an action plan for conserving Gangetic Dolphins. He’s Professor and Head of the Centre for Environmental Science, Central University of Bihar, India. He is a member of the IUCN CSG.

4. SANDEEP BEHERA heads the Gangetic Dolphin conservation program for WWF India

5. B.C CHOUDHARY is a professor at the Wildlife Institute of Dehra Dun and, although not a dolphin specialist, he has played a pivotal role in efforts to conserve the species

6. DIPANI SUTARIA recently obtained her Ph.D. from James Cook University on Irrawaddy dolphins but she has recently also gotten involved with advising on the development of the Action Plan for Gangetic Dolphins in India. She was recently asked to serve on the IUCN CSG

7. NACHIKET KELKAR recently did his master’s degree and published a paper in Conservation Biology on the habitat preferences and overlap with fisheries of Gangetic dolphins in the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary

8. DR. DEEPAK SAMUEL is the Project Support Associate, Energy and Environment Unit, United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Expert in marine biology.


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